Teckwrap Mirror Chrome Vinyl - Vinil Adhesivo Permanente

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Prepackaged adhesive vinyl rolls with a size of:
12 "wide x 5 feet long and 12” x 12” sheet Vinyl thickness: 0.1mm Liner: 0.15mm
We recommend for this type of vinyl to use medium or light glue “transfer tape”
and to make the cut the use of mat with good adhesive.
With this adhesive vinyl you can create: crafts on smooth surfaces,
home decorations, signs, banners, decorations on walls, glass, cars,
mirrors or even to apply stickers to cardboard or paper.
This adhesive vinyl has permanent glue and is waterproof. Durable in interior
and exterior applications as long as they are applied to flat, clean, dry
and smooth surfaces. We always recommend! Make a test cut on the vinyl before
making the art cut. This will let you know if the condition of the needle will
allow for a clean, uncomplicated cut. Remove the transparent plastic that covers
it before making any cut.
You do not need to apply heat (It is not HV)
It cannot be printed on them They can be sealed with epoxy resin.

Warning: Please note that colors may look slightly different due to being
displayed on computer monitors or cell phones.